Off the beaten path

This morning we had breakfast at Gelateria Caffé Letterario Ludicano, and it reminded me of a New York coffee shop—very modern inside, but nestled in an old building with trendy outdoor tables. I had a delicious chocolate covered donut and Michael had what started out as a good pastry but as he progressed, the “panna cotta” filling started to taste like a stick of butter. The cappuccinos were served in lovely marigold and violet cups which got 10 points for presentation, but the flavor was a bit lacking. The milk wasn’t as rich and creamy as in some other Pesaro bars. Overall, though, it was worth a visit. The café is tucked off the main street and provides a quiet atmosphere to read the paper and sip a morning coffee. It’s also located a few steps from Pesaro’s famous conservatory so it’s a popular spot for students and at times you can hear them practicing their music from the surrounding buildings.

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