Dear Spring: Please stay a little longer

Palla di Pomodoro

Summer is almost here but I wish spring would stick around. The sun is out—but it’s not too hot—the lilacs and frangipani are in bloom (and smell divine), and the breeze off the ocean is pretty fantastic. Living in a beach town during the winter is rather strange because the place really empties out and it’s slightly depressing to see the empty boardwalk and beachfront cafes. I did prefer it, though (fewer tourists), but a really nice spring is hard to beat.

This morning, we stopped for an obligatory cappuccino in Nero Caffè, which was excellent, and then picked up Alex’s passport from the Questura. Next month, we’ll get his U.S. passport at the Embassy in Rome. Then, our friend Luana called and we met up by the Palla di Pomodoro, a sculpture by Pesaro artist Arnoldo Pomodoro. Luana’s adorable bambina Bianca was in tow and we had a nice stroll along the boardwalk. We were back by the Palla this evening for drinks with friends. Another beautiful spring evening!

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