Pesaro’s Trevi Fountain

The city recently cleaned the fountain in the main Piazza del Popolo. It’s sparkling and ready to be splashed in the heat of summer. This morning it was 80 degrees by 9 a.m. so I think summer is on its way. It’s still nice and cool in the shade, though, so perhaps some vestiges of spring are left. At least we can fight the oncoming humidity with a dip in the ocean . . . or, a splash in the fountain.

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2 Responses to Pesaro’s Trevi Fountain

  1. Heather Randall says:

    Mmmm…..that just sounds heavenly! I remember swimming off of a doc in Lido. It was so amazing!! That’s the Adriatic Sea? Xoxox

  2. It is! Just steps from our apartment…which is so nice!

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