You know it’s tourist season when…

The local café puts a chocolate design on your cappuccino. I’ve been to Café Journal throughout the year and chocolate was never a condiment. In fact, I normally don’t like chocolate as a topping on my coffee, but this time it was syrup instead of a powder, which I admit was pretty delicious. And, the designs are fantastic! Unfortunately, having breakfast at 8:30 am is already too late for a summer morning in Pesaro. We were sweating in the shade. My resolution? Be out the door by 7 am tomorrow and hit the beach.

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3 Responses to You know it’s tourist season when…

  1. Staci Rice says:

    I am sitting through a dreadfully boring four day training – currently only on day 3 – and that coffee looks amazing. I almost wish I hadn’t read this! Now I’m dreaming about being in Italy, not sitting in a high rise in downtown Manhattan chained to a computer.

    Hope you all are well!

  2. Neena says:

    the chocolate designs look so pretty!

  3. Heather Randall says:

    I’ve seen that before! Coffee does look amazing!! Wow. I want one now too 🙂

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