We ate the Easter bunny

Michael might be a gourmet cook and I his trusted sous chef, but neither of us are dessert experts, especially not in the particulars of fondant icing. So, we bought a cake in the shape of a rabbit (see below) to celebrate Easter. I’ve included some before and after pictures–the second photo is after my co-workers took a stab at it! It went well with the real rabbit in porchetta that we ate. Delicious!

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1 Response to We ate the Easter bunny

  1. Heather says:

    Wow! What an amazing cake! My sister Alex(who you met in New York) made our sister Natalie’s wedding cake this past fall. She baked all of the sheet cakes in NY and had hauled them out to CA frozen….she had to make the fondent once she got here, and holy shit, was that a nightmare! First she had the wrong fondant, then we thought there wouldn’t be enough – but the cake turned out STUNNING! She did such an amazing job! I did nothing for easter……can’t wait to chat with you again soon!

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